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Nell Rankin's watercolours & Sketches

Nell (Ellen) RankinNell Rankin

was born at Little Stambridge in Essex in 1858, the first child of fourteen to be born to Alfred Mottram Rankin and his wife Ellen (nee Shalders). In my book I tell of her great work for the Ratcliffe Settlement in the East End of London, as well as her duties as Sacristan of St. Ethelburga's Church in Bishopsgate. In her spare time she was a prolific watercolour painter and members of her family worldwide have examples of her beautiful work ~ it is from these that I hope to display here some of her collection. Nell died during World War 2, in 1944 at the age of 86.

Some of her Watercolour Paintings:

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Nell 3
Nell 8
Nell 5
Nell 4
Scene near 'Broomhills'
Stambridge Mill
Upstream on the River Roach
Nell 1
Nell 2
Nell 7
Label on picture
River Scene 1
River Scene 2
River Scene 4 and Irene Scott's label on the back
Nell 9
Nell 13
Nell 14
River Scene 5
River Scene 6
The mill
Nell 15
Nell 10
Nell 11
River Scene 7
June ~ 3 a.m

(Kindly supplied by
Jane Cathie)

River Roach
Nell's brother, Harold, took this one to Canada for another brother, Charles. Ralph Brown (Charles' grandson) kindly gave it to us and we brought it 'home' in 2008.
Nell 6
River Scene 3
Nell 16
Two more of Nell's watercolours were kindly supplied by David Scales. "Stambridge Mill with Thames Barges", left, and "On the Thames", right.
Nell 17
Nell 18

' The Neapolitan Boy '

a copy of a famous painting hanging in a gallery in Rome, believed painted by Nell during her 'Grand Tour'

[print kindly supplied by Mark Wilcox]

and some of her Sketches:

High Rankin Sketch
Nora Sketch
Aunt Poppy
(kindly supplied by
Christabel Wrigley)
Clementina Jane
(kindly supplied by
Judy Whiting)
Hugh Rankin
Nora Rankin (Jackson)
kindly supplied by Sally Wilcox, photo Nesta Simon)
Does anyone have any more of Nell's sketches or watercolours as I would be delighted to display them?


I understand that David Scales (grandson of Harold Rankin) has a couple of Nell's watercolours, Judy Whiting in New Zealand has one, as also does her cousin, Anthony Radford in Australia. I hope it may be possible to obtain copies of these for the website in due course.