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Family Notes recorded (in 2013) with Sheridan Lynch:

In the months since the launch of “Gummy’s Story”, a number of ‘new’ relatives have made contact with me including Sheridan Lynch, one of Simone Howells’ daughters and a great grand-daughter of Harold Rankin. Simone is now 95 and continues to enjoy good health in Australia. She was the “eldest child of Harold’s eldest child”, Joy, or Joyce, Maufe (née Rankin).Stambridge Mill

Sheridan has just returned from a trip down under to visit her mother and her arrival coincided with the delivery of my book so that they were able to explore the family history together.

On her return to the UK, Sheridan kindly invited us to visit her at her home at Seaford in Sussex. She told us of her birth in Yorkshire and how at the age of 7, in 1957, she and her family travelled by ocean-going liner to Australia as ‘Ten Pound Poms’. Her father was to take up a senior medical post out there. The voyage took some five weeks to Perth after which the ship hopped along the continent’s southern coast from port to port before they could disembark in Sydney. On arrival they were welcomed to Australia by their relative Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes, and a few years later Sheridan remembers staying at Armidale with Nell (Dr Ellen Mary Kent Hughes, or “Kentie” as she was often known). Nell had been something of a pioneer as a female doctor, and her early years of medical practice in western Queensland covered a vast area, often traversed by pony and trap.

Simone and OliverSheila & Janet We talked at some length about Harold and Grace Rankins’ seven children. Simone had told Sheridan that Janet was great fun and quite glamorous. After Grace’s death she and her sister Sheila, the two youngest children, had to assume their mother’s household duties to which they were unused, while their father grieved and apparently they “went a bit wild”. until each left home to be married.
[Left: Sheila & Janet in Sept 1924, and right: Simone with her little brother Oliver who sadly died aged only 3½ - click to enlarge]

In 1940 Joyce’s husband, Sheridan’s grandfather, Carl Maufe, who was then serving in the Home Guard suffered a fatal accident when he fell down a railway embankment, at the age of oFar Scarnly 50. Their home at Grassington, built about 1920 was called “Far Scar”, pictured right, a house designed by Sir Edward Brantwood Maufe KBE, R.A, F.R.I.B.A., an architect known for having also designed Guildford Cathedral. He was a young architect at the time, thought to have been a cousin of Carl who was keen to support him.

Sheridan (Annette Sheridan) has a sister Gay (Barbara Gay) Landau in Canberra, Australia, who has been in touch with me, and two brothers: Lynden in Hobart, Tasmania and Robin in North London, England. She also has several first cousins: Gordon Maufe’s children - Nicholas (California), Andrew (Doncaster), and Barry (Brighton, Sussex), and Ambrose Maufe’s children Julie (Ilkley, Yorks), Carl (Cheshire) and Stephen (living in  Southern England). 

Sheridan has kindly provided a number of other photos of family groups on the gallery page. 

Note added June 2015: Sadly, I have learned that Ambrose Maufe passed away in 2014, and his older sister, Simone has just recently passed away in Australia on 25th May, 2015.

Simone's funeral programme
Simone at age 19


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