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The book

"Gummy's Story"

The Book:

"Gummy's Story, a history of the Rankin family" is an A4 size hardback, with 360 pages and over 450 illustrations. It is self-published and available as a limited edition of 150 copies intended for distribution, in the main, to family members worldwide. It has been beautifully produced for me by Gilmour Print www.self-publish-books.co.uk

The book is also now more generally available for sale at a price of £25.00 plus post and packing (£7.50 in the UK, £24 by air mail to USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc). ISBN 978-0-9574653-0-5. A discount is available to members of the family. If you would like a copy please contact me via the feedback page.

It was completed after 6 long years of writing and research, prompted by a desire to find out more about the many family stories told to me as a small boy by my maternal grandmother, Gummy.

Amabel Penny, nee Rankin, was born in 1874 in Tottenham, London. To quote from my wife, Susan's, words on the flyleaf: "in many ways she was a very ordinary daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. However, when seen in the context of the many historic changes and events she lived through, and the parallel lives of her extended family, her story becomes quite extra-ordinary".

Some of the book's chapters cover: Amabel's birth in Tottenham, her childhood there, her first love Ernest Stagg, her wedding to Edmund Penny and her married life, the Thirties, the War years at Peacehaven, and her final years at Beckenham, Kent. Other chapters deal with the Cook, Penny, Ingall, and English families with a number of family trees, including those of the Crabbs and Mottrams. A large section deals with the lives of Amabel's many cousins in Essex at "Broomhills", and another is about her many siblings; there is a chapter comprising letters which her brother Frank sent home from faraway places. My late father, Philip, composed two of the chapters, intended for his autobiography which was never completed, these being about his childhood in Gravesend, Kent in the early 20th century, and his time in the army prior to his re-patriation from Dunkirk. I have also touched on the early history of the Rankin family from around 1600, and in the appendices are described the family's farms, the mill at Stambridge and the Thames sailing barges they owned, plus their significant involvement in the non-conformist, and later the Anglican, church.

This website:

was created immediately after first publication of my book in September 2012, in order to record "new" information discovered after going to print, to add further photos and pictures, and also to make any minor corrections.

Martin Ingall.