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Some of the members of the Rankin, and connected, families:

William Rankin
Eliz Crabb
James N Mottram
William Rankin of Lyons Hall, Bocking 1767 - 1833
Elizabeth Rankin (née Crabb)
1771 to 1852
James Nasmith Mottram
1755-1844 (sketched 1825)

The eldest son of William and Elizabeth (above) was William Hugh who married his first cousin Jane and they had 15 children

William Hugh
Jane Nasmith Rankin
William Rankin
William Hugh Rankin
1800 to 1888
Jane Nasmith Rankin (née Mottram) 1809 to 1879
William Rankin
1829 to 1885
Alfred M Rankin
Ellen shalders
Hugh Rankin
Alfred Mottram Rankin
1832 to 1896
Ellen Rankin (née Shalders)
1836 to 1931
Hugh Rankin
1843 to 1924
Emma Nora Rankin (née Jackson) 1856 to 1945

Alfred Rankin had a daughter by his 1st wife and 12 children with Emily English (Cook) below:

Emily English
Little Fanny
Alfred Rankin
1808 to 1888
Emily English Rankin (née Cook) 1839 to 1900
Mary Frances Rankin
1840 to 1850
Francis William Rankin
1855 to 1953
Emma Clarke
Henry Clarke
Billy Langdon
Emma Matilda Clarke (née Rankin) 1857 to 1925
Henry W. Clarke
1850 to 1936
Emily Laura Langdon (née Rankin) 1860 to 1959
William Langdon
1855 to 1914
Mary Morgan
Catherine Isabel Nettlefold
(née Rankin) 1862 to 1949
Frederick Nettlefold
(1866 to 1953)
Anita Rebecca Rankin
1865 to 1947
Mary Morgan (née Rankin) 1867 to 1951
Ernest Morgan
Ernest Morgan
1859 to 1919
Amabel Eliza Hilda Penny
(née rankin) 1874 to 1968
Edmund Brodie Penny
1874 to 1932
Ruth Sybil Theodora Rankin 1879 to 1960

The family of Alfred Mottram Rankin and his wife, Ellen (née Shalders) below:

Ernest Rankin
Ellen (Nell) Rankin
1858 to 1944
Alfred Ernest Rankin
1859 to 1943
Ernest's wife, Blanche (née Keightley) 1867 to 1936
Clementina Jane Hughes
(née Rankin) 1863 to 1916
Mary H-R
Wilfrid Kent Hughes
1865 to 1941
Will Rankin
1865 to 1955
Will's wife, Mary Reid Hayes (nee Robinson)
Florence Rankin
1866 to 1949
Edgar Napier Rankin
1868 to 1962
Edgar's wife, Eloise (Cloete)
Harold Rankin
1869 to 1946
Harold's wife, Grace (nee Keightley) 1866 to 1923
Norman Hugh
Simone & Oliver
Sheila & Janet
Janet Sheila Marg and Chris
Norman Hugh Rankin
1878 to 1965
Simone Maufe with her little brother Oliver (abt 1925)
2 of Harold's daughters, Sheila and Janet in Sept 1924
Janet, Sheila, Margaret (?Ionides) and Christabel, 1912
Joy Maufe
Jessie Rankin
Joy(ce) Maufe (nee Rankin)
1895 - 1969
Jessie Rankin in old age

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Family Groups:

Warren Wedding

The photo, left, was taken on the occasion of Phyllis and Willie's wedding in January 1913. On the left are Dr. George Watson, his wife Dorothy with daughters Doris (11) and Joan (9). Then in the centre Edward Halsey stands behind his wife Joan and young son, Nigel, and, to the right, sits the bride, Phyllis, with her new husband Willie Warren. Dorothy Watson, Joan Halsey and Phyllis Warren were sisters, the daughters of Hugh and Nora Rankin.

Right: Hugh and Nora Rankin at Broomhills with their daughter Phyllis and grand-daughter, Little Phyllis

Hugh & family
A much earlier photo - of Phyllis with her twin sister Joan, at Stambridge Wharf
Twins at Wharf
Billy and Linda
Sept 1924
Pictured on the left outside Broomhills are Simone and Gordon on the running board, their grandfather Harold in the driving seat, with Janet, Oliver, and Sheila in the back and a rather dapper but unknown man alongside.
Simone & Gordon
Billy Kent Hughes & Linda at Broomhills c.1916
Broomhills, Sept 1924
Simone & Gordon on the Yorkshire moors
Simone & others

Shown right: Keightleys & Rankins: back row, l to r: Constance K, Alice K, Harold Rankin, and  Grace, and below: Christabel on her nanny’s knee, Linda, Emily K, Rev. George K, Donald, Irene & Joyce.

Rankin Keightley Group
Ionides Wedding 1923
Simone, Gordon, Elsie (a friend) & Joy
Broomhills 1904
Linda's wedding to Meynell Ionides - June 2nd, 1923
The 4 photos below are all of the Maufe Family's home at Grassington, Yorkshire (courtesy of Sheridan Lynch)
Far Scar
Far Scar 1924
Far Scar
Far Scar
Gordon & Joy 1921
Far Scar 1924
Far Scar, Grassington in 1942
Jessie, Marian & Ada

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BH & boathouse
Broomhills Chase
BH 1915
BH meadow
Broomhills and the boathouse
from the river c.1920
Broomhills Chase, 1915
A passing musician plays outside Broomhills c.1915
Broomhills Meadow 1924
Sea Wall
St Marys
Top of the Chase 1900
BH from Air
The sea wall between the mill and Broomhills
St. Mary's Church, Stambridge, 1900
Top of the Chase, 1900
Broomhills from the air
The washhouse at Broomhills, left, is where the family is said to have lived while Broomhills was rebuilt after a fire


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