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The Book Launch - Sat 22nd Sept 2012Stambridge Mem Hall

Over 50 relatives and friends attended the Launch party for my book "Gummy's Story" on Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day at Stambridge where we gathered at the little Memorial Hall just ½ mile from "Broomhills" and the Stambridge Mill.

It had been an anxious time in the run up to the event, with a last-minute change of venue as well as our receiving delivery of the first batch of 50 books only the day before. We decided to do our own catering and my wife and many other immediate members of my family did sterling work in producing the food, drinks and in running the day. Pinty (Peter) Rankin and his wife, Denise, flew in from Vancouver to join us.

Book Launch 1After signing and distributing a sizeable proportion of the books, I made a short speech and Patrick Rankin followed with one of his own before proposing a toast to the Book Launch"Rankin Family". The distribution of books continued after lunch by which time small groups were re-acquainting themselves with each other and discussing their family reminiscences. It was great to see the assembled throng enjoying the event and taking a keen interest in my labour of love over the last 6 years.

Book launch 3
Book launch 4
Book launch 5
Book launch 6
Book launch 7

Many thanks to Andrew Rankin who has kindly sent in these photos of the 'throng' gathered at Stambridge for the book launch. You can pick out Susan and myself with Anthony Rankin, upper left, my brother John sitting with his son, Joe, and Kate's son Jacob, my two sisters, Hermione and Sue, above, and Pinty and Denise from Vancouver with others, top right.

Book launch 8


Mark Wilcox brought along a number of old photos from his collection including those shown below:

Alleyn Court
Hugh & Fam
Twins at Wharf
Stambridge Wharf
Alleyn Court Prep School, 1909, with Denys Wilcox's parents seated, centre.
Hugh and Nora Rankin with their daughter Phyllis and one of the grandchildren.
The twins Joan and Phyllis at Stambridge Wharf.
Loading hay on to one of the barges at Stambridge Wharf

I am hoping to receive the remaining 100 books shortly, when they will be distributed around the country to those who were not able to attend, as well as to those in far off places like Canada, USA, South Africa and Australia.

Many thanks to all of you for making it such a successful and enjoyable day and for the many contributions made towards the publication expenses.

Martin Ingall